Teaching Fellow System Overview

Teaching Fellow Program

The Teaching Fellow Program (TFP) provides the principal framework at Yale in which graduate students learn, under faculty guidance, to become effective teachers. Such learning is integral to the preparation of graduate students for professional careers of teaching and scholarship. In order to obtain the greatest benefit from this training, teaching fellows are urged to participate in the programs offered by the Graduate Teaching Center designed to prepare them for the variety and complexity of classroom environments that they will encounter.

Decisions regarding the program are made in close collaboration with the deans of the Graduate School and Yale College, the academic associate deans of the Graduate School, as well as with the chairs, directors of graduate studies (DGSs), and directors of undergraduate studies (DUSs) of the arts and sciences academic departments and programs.

Teaching Fellow System

The Teaching Fellow System (TFS) is the online tool used to allocate and assign Teaching Fellow (TF) and Part-Time Acting Instructor (PTAI) positions. 


Go to the TFS Instructions Page to access:

  • High Level TFS Overview.pdf
  • TFS Step-by-Step Overviews
  • TFS Step-by-Step with Screenshots


How Do I Obtain Access to TFS?